About Us

Our Mission

Welcome to our Lake! The Lac Sinclair Association has been active for many years, working with local businesses, government and non-government agencies to promote the welfare of the lake and its users.

The objectives, aims and goals of the Association are as follows:

  1. To work towards the resolution of any environmental or ecological problems related to the waters of Lac Sinclair, its shoreline and adjoining lands;
  2. To promote and encourage the observance of all fish, game and wildlife laws and regulations;
  3. To encourage a high regard for personal safety on and near the lake through educational programs and other means;
  4. To promote and organize social, recreational and sports activities, according to the wishes of Association members;
  5. To represent the common interests of Association Members in municipal, governmental and other matters of general concern; and
  6. To engage other associations, agencies, bodies and persons, whether private or public, having objectives, aims and goals of a nature similar to those of this Association.

We can only achieve results if each and every resident is ever mindful of the Lake’s precious heritage.

Association Executive Committee

Jocelyne Alain – President
David Hallman – Past President
Colin Chesterman – Treasurer
Luc Vezina – Director, Web Site
Megan Farrell ‐ Director, Water Testing
Mark Farrell – Director, Environment
Kathryn Ann Hill – Secretary
Craig Bater – Director, Special projects

Our Constitution

A copy of the Association’s current Constitution can be found here: lacsinclair_constitution.pdf The constitution, originally drafted in 1993, was recently changed to reflect current realities. The changes can be seen here

Our Funding

Funding for association activities and purchases comes from membership fees, sponsors and government grants. Our budget and financial statements are presented each year at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in early July.

Become a member!

If you would like to join the association’s executive committee please contact sign up online, contact Jocelyne or come to the next association general meeting.

Here are some good reasons to join: 

Newsletters: The Association publishes and distributes two issues per year of its bilingual newsletter to keep members informed about local developments. Also, this website contains much relevant information about the Association and the institutional partners that we work with to protect and enjoy our Lake.

Annual General Meeting: The Association holds one general meeting per year – at the beginning of July and two Executive meetings- one mid-May and one at the end of October.

Water Safety: Each spring the Association arranges for marker buoys to be located by all rocks and hazards to boaters. New buoys are regularly purchased to replace those that gradually get waterlogged or outdated. The Association also makes members aware of boating regulations; for more information on Government of Canada boating regulations, refer to the Environment page. 

Water Quality: The Association arranges for tests of lake water quality each summer and communicates the results to residents. Although tests usually reveal very good quality of our lake water, where there are problems the Association follows up with the appropriate municipal officials to ensure that the water problems are quickly rectified. The Association also works with the municipalities to help ensure proper maintenance of septic tanks around the lake. 

Picnic Site: Picnic benches have been placed on the big island (Île aux Moutons) so that boaters can enjoy their picnic in some local wilderness. Please ensure that you take your garbage away with you, and note that fires and cutting of trees are strictly prohibited on the island.

Social: On the first Sunday of August, the Association hosts its annual Fishing Derby .

Municipal Affairs: The Association can be your voice with our municipalities. We bring issues of concern to the municipalities (example: semi-permanent trailers beside chalets) and keep members informed of relevant developments.

Local Research Initiatives: Work has begun to compile a local history about Lac Sinclair. Other initiatives can be considered if Association members express interest. All this for a membership fee of only $25 per year! 

What a bargain!Join the Association now by clicking the button below or completing and mailing the Membership Form and sending it to: Association du Lac Sinclair, CP/Box 146, La Pêche, QC J0X 2W0