For visitors traveling to Lac Sinclair for the first time.

From Ottawa/Hull

Lac Sinclair in Quebec - west of Wakefield, north of La Pêche. The whole trip takes a little over an hour from downtown Ottawa. Enter onto Highway #5 from King Edward Ave (Ottawa). Follow directions for Hwy #5 (north)/Gatineau-Maniwaki.. Drive north in the direction of "Maniwaki" until the end of Gatineau Highway #5. At the traffic light, turn left onto Highway #105.

Drive north (past the turnoff to Wakefield) to the Highway #366 (West) turn-off, marked by a La Pêche municipality sign. Turn left onto Highway 366 West. Drive west, through the village of Masham up to chemin Cléo Fournier that is marked by a yellow flashing light.

Turn right onto chemin Cléo Fournier. Drive through East Aldfield, past the Pontiac Golf Club to the next stop sign (approx. 27 km).You will then be at Le P'tit Magasin du Coin (formerly known as Bernier Store), at the south end of the lake. At the store you may either turn left onto chemin du Lac Sinclair or right to chemin Bernier. These roads will take you to the residences and cottages of Lac Sinclair.

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Seeing Lac Sinclair from Space

For those who haven’t tried it yet, you can see Lac Sinclair from space for free using GoogleEarth. If you have a computer and an internet connection, visit the web site:

In the upper right corner, you hit download and follow the instructions. You will then have to save GoogleEarth to your disk. Double-click on the icon to get it started. In the upper left corner, enter the coordinates of the middle of Lac Sinclair: 45.782 –76.155 (the minus sign is important)

You will then see Lac Sinclair as seen from the satellite Landsat which produces images with a resolution of 25 meters (you may have to zoom out a bit using the – (minus) sign in the upper right corner. In the upper right corner of the image, you will see a slanted X. If you select it and keep pressing, you will see a 3-D view of the area! To make it even more dramatic, under the menu tools, change the vertical exaggeration to 3 (the maximum value). You can also rotate the view, by pressing the circle in the top right and rotating it.