Welcome to our Lake! The Lac Sinclair Association has been active for many years, working with local businesses, government and non-government agencies to promote the welfare of the lake and its users.








Changes to our constitution.

The constitution, originally drafted in 1993, was recently changed to reflect current realities. The changes can be seen here.

Objectives of the Association

  1. To support research and promote educational programs directed toward the resolution of existing or potential environmental and ecological problems related to the waters of Lac Sinclair, its shoreline and adjoining lands;
  2. To promote and encourage the observance of all fish, game and wildlife laws and regulations, making recommendations to the proper authorities for such modifications to existing laws and regulations as may be considered necessary in the interests of wildlife conservation;
  3. To encourage a high regard for personal safety on and near the Lake through educational programs and other means, and to take such other steps as may be considered desirable for reducing or eliminating specific hazards to life, limb and property in co-operation with responsible and appropriate authorities;
  4. To promote and organize social, recreational and sports activities, according to the wishes of Association members in the interests of health, good fellowship, and improved personal and social interaction;
  5. To represent the common interests of Association Members in municipal, governmental and other matters of general concern; and
  6. To engage other associations, agencies, bodies and persons, whether private or public, having objectives, aims and goals of a nature similar to those of this Association.

We can only achieve results if each and every resident is ever mindful of the Lake's precious heritage. For a full copy of the Association's current Constitution, click here: